Marriott + SPG Credit Cards: Massive Re-branding

By Gavin | June 18, 2019

In our previous post when we talked about the new name Marriott and bon-voyage is the new name for their loyalty program, it's short for bond buyers, we said we didn't know whether the suite of credit cards from American Express and chase, we're going to be rebranded or not, we're still waiting to find out.


Today it has now been announced that they are indeed all being rebranded with the Marriott Bombay name and logo, and there are some changes to them, some of them are being closed to new applicants as well, particularly the SPG personal credit card from American Express.

That's going to be closed to new applicants and so it's your last chance to get it if you want it. We'll have some more about that a little bit later. But let's go through the changes and the rebranding in a detailed way. We'll start with American Express.

The SPG American Express card

As of February 13th, the SPG American Express card will become the Marriott bon voyage Express card, and it's going to look like this, they've got some artist who does murals to design this sort of pastel design, looks kind of like Citi skyscrapers or something pretty cool.

It seems Amex are trying to get some people to apply for the card before it goes away the SPG luxury card which is the premium credit card from American Express with SPG that is going to be rebranded the Marriott Bomboy brilliant card, marginally better name than the SPG luxury card still not brilliant, see what I did there anyway.


The last one, the business one, the business card, it's called the SPG business card, is going to become the Marriott Bombay business. Basically, all the cards are going to have new designs starting from February 13th, now let's get into talking about some of the new benefits and some of the changes as well.

Some of the new benefits and some of the changes

The first change which actually has already started from January 1st, 2019 is that all cardholders of all three of the Amex cards are going to be getting 15 elite night credits per year, this was already known about since last year, it's just that, it wasn't starting until January 1st, 2019, so that has now started, that's the first thing we needed to talk about.

Now let's get into some of the actual new benefits that are coming in with this rebranding. As of March 20, most of these benefits are coming in, as of March 28th, the Marriott bond void brilliant card will be getting a 100 dollar statement credit for use at st. Regis and Ritz-Carlton properties.

The two kind of most luxurious properties in the portfolio and this can't be used towards the price of rooms, it's used, it's like a resort credit or whatever used for restaurants, and other charges, room service charges, etc, and you'll only get it when you use the card to pay for your room.


Get an additional free night

It's not valued on points and you have to book a minimum of two nights and you also have to use a special promo code when you book the room as well in order to get it, but it is unlimited. So you'll be apparently able to use it multiple times per year, and if you've ever stayed at one of these hotels Ritz-Carlton or st.

Regis, they are very expensive and typically the room prices don't include breakfast. If you even want to eat breakfast at the hotel you get to end up getting charged like 50 bucks per person each morning or something maybe that's a little bit, but at least 30 bucks, 30 to 50 bucks per person each morning.

So that will really be very cool if you're paying to stay at these hotels, you can save quite a bit of money if you stay at them several times, because it's unlimited now.

Also on March 28, the Marriott Bonnefoy business card holders are going to get an additional free night per year after they spend sixty thousand dollars, and this free night will be the standard Marriott free night. It will be in a property that is thirty-five thousand points per night.

So comparable to the Marriott hotel I stayed in recently in Kensington in London. It's sort of on the verge of luxury, not quite luxury, but still a pretty nice property, it's not low-end, it's in the middle, so not bad, the Marriott Volvo card, the old SPG card won't be accepting new applicants after February 12th.

We've already talked about that, but if you do want to apply for that card, apply before February 12th or on February 12th; that's the cutoff date for it.


Signup bonuses on these cards

Now let's get into talking about signup bonuses on these cards for all applications for these cards from February 13th to April 24th, 2019. That's going to be the business card and the high end of Marriott born boy brilliant card.

Because obviously, the personal card one be accepting applications, then it'll just be two of the cards and they're both going to have signed up bonuses of 100,000 points for $5,000, worth of spending for that period of time February 13 till April 24th.

If you're looking for a hundred thousand points on it bonus where to look, in addition, there is going to be some bonus point earning on the personal card. The personal Marriot bon voyage card or the old SPG personal card, and I'm going to read this off the website for you because it's a little bit complicated.

I'm reading it from them directly from the press release from American Express starting February 24, 2019, Marriot bon voyage  America Express card members whose accounts were opened before January 23rd, 2019 will be eligible to earn up to one hundred thousand bonus merry Bomboy points.

Points earned for spending

Once registered editable card members can earn twenty-five thousand points for every twenty-five thousand dollars. An elder purchase, it's on the card up to one hundred thousand points through the end of the year. 

Basically, for a year they're going to be letting you earn one extra point per dollar for every twenty-five thousand dollars that you spent up to a hundred thousand points, and it takes the earning up to three points per dollar, basically, instead of two points per dollar, but if you remember this cards earning was devalued it used to earn three points per dollar anyway which was one of the old SPG points.

But when they converted to the Marriot plants they took it down, so it experienced a 33 percent loss in earning value, so they're just bringing it back up to the old level on up to $100,000 hundred thousand dollars worth of spending, but it's in twenty-five thousand dollar increments.

If you spend less than $25,000 you won't get it, so if you are a big spender on this card you do have an opportunity to earn at the old level for one year for the whole of 2019. If that sparks your interest and you already have the card you will most likely get an email about it, and you might have to sign up for it and activate it, something like that.

Current Marriott premier plus card from Chase

Now let's move on to the chase cards, the current Marriott premier plus card from Chase is going to be changing its name to the Marriott bond void and 'less On February 28th, there aren't a lot of changes with this card, actually just a new design.

I'm going to put up an image from the points because I couldn't actually find the press release from Chase, but he has an image of the changes with this card and the business card.


What they're going to look like? They're changing design, I'll put that on the screen for you to check out, and the personal card from Chase will have a hundred thousand points signup bonus as well, after it changes over to the new name and you design, in addition, the business card from Chase is actually going to be closed to new applicants, but it will get the additional free night benefit. After you spend $60,000 same as the business card from American Express.

A change to the Ritz Carlton card

Lastly, there is a little bit of a change to the Ritz Carlton card which is also not available to new applicants anymore, and it's probably not coming back, I don't think due to contracts and stuff, but that card will be getting the $100 credit for it.

Regis and Ritz Carlton, same as the Marriott bond void brilliant, which is the old SPG luxury card. what a mouthful. Basically, what is happening is that Amex is getting the high end and medium end cards and the business cards.

And Chase is going to be issuing the sort of medium end, and in the summer of 2019, they are going to be coming out with a no annual fee sort of entry-level, Marriot bon voyage  card details of which we don't have yet, but it will be coming out apparently in summer 2019, that was a long load of changes.

What do you think of those changes? Are you happy about them? Are you sad about them? Whatever I think it's mostly good actually, to be honest, except for the little increase in the annual fee on the Amex business card, but you are getting that extra free night.

If you're a big spender, if you like hotel cards, and you want to compare and contrast different hotel cards, including many of the ones that were mentioned in this post.

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