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By Gavin | May 23, 2019

Chase sapphire reserve login and and I got approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, this year's most anticipated credit card, and so I think this is it.

A little bit disappointed because I know earlier versions of the card did come in the box and this is just an envelope. I really hope they haven't given me a plastic version of the card, and you can see that it is indeed the Chase Sapphire Reserve, some reserved Ultimate Rewards program agreement there and here's the envelope and that does feel pretty meaty in there.


The metal card in envelope

I really hope that is actually the metal card and not the plastic one, let's open that, very exciting stuff here, what do we get here? I'm going to book welcome to Chase Sapphire cardmember agreement, that's boring some more boring stuff.

So we have the guide to benefits which that's pretty thick, and there are a lot of benefits with this stock, and now we have this, this must be the card, meet your new Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

I'm sure that's getting a lot of people very excited, more paper, and here we go, that is indeed a metal card and let's just take that off there, that's definitely metal and it's pretty beefy, and let's just compare that with the older Sapphire Preferred card, two cards, side-by-side, I know which one I prefer.

If you want to know how to get approved for the Chase Sapphire reserve, check out my other posts on Chase Sapphire reserve how to get approved, but there it is, and it's black, which gives it that air of superiority.

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