Chase Bank´s Free Business Checking Option | Chase Bank

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

Chase Bank's Free Business Checking Option | Chase Bank

Take a look at Chase Bank's free business checking Option, their service to be really good, see everything all at the same time under one login, and many branches with convenience.

We're going to take a look at the business checking options available at Chase, we're really just going to look at some of the ones that require the lowest minimum amount, if I click on business, we'll be able to get to the checking products, and then I'm going to click products and services and go to business checking.

Here's the comparison of checking accounts two or three of them, and to get the one with the lowest minimum daily, even go with total business checking, which has a $1,500 minimum, so if you keep that in your account, you don't have to worry about incurring a monthly fee, and then also enroll into their paperless statements, and Chase has a lot of good options for your checking account.

There's a lot of branches with Chase, you can do mobile deposits over your phone, and also if you want a debit card, you'll get that as well, the online banking experience is very good, I've used chased and if you have other Chase accounts like a regular personal credit card, what happens is they tie it in to your business account, so you get a new login, which is your business logic, and then everything is under that account, and basically your other login you had kind of goes away, but everything is still there, all your personal is there, all your business is there, so you can see everything all at the same time, and found their service to be really good as well.

Opening the account, of course, you have to go into a branch, and it's a fairly quick to do it, you will need the required documents, such as your driver's license, or if you have your passport, that would be good to have as well, and the initial deposit and I don't think you actually need the initial deposit that day, but you'll need something to deposit into the account, I believe it's like a $500 minimum maybe to open, but you can call the branch and get that information, but you'll need to quickly add the remaining amount to get to 1500, if you do want to avoid their monthly service fees, and of course, enroll into paperless statements, which is not a big deal at all to do, so that is chase and you can see the others.

Here as you grow, you can upscale to some of these other more high-end products that they offer as well, but overall, a very good bank to do business with well-known very established shouldn't have any issues there, and again the online experience is good, the ability to deposit checks through your phone, so if you have paper checks is really nice, and then there's a lot of branches as well, and I'm not sure about the ATM waiver fee, so if you weather 200 transactions per month without a fee, those are regular transactions, but if you need an ATM, that is not a chase ATM, I'm not exactly sure how that's handled, but you can certainly check and see what options they provide there as far as reimbursements, to make sure that you're not going to incur a fee when you use a none Chase ATM.