Bogus Chase Email Asking for Verification Info

By Gavin | April 09, 2019

I got an email from Chase online, I don't have a chase account, so that's one giveaway ever since I got the Windows machine, I'm really fraught with bogus emails and spams and phishing things and with the Windows things. I think it's a lot more serious than the Macintosh, so it's been quite an eye-opener for me. I recently purchased McAfee and got the whole protection thing I've never needed that, but on these Windows machines you are at jeopardy all the time, so I think I just had a serious hack and I wanted to share this with you so that you would know what to look for.

I know a lot of my friends and family are not as computer savvy as I am, and this is an easy one to fall for. It was in my inbox Chase online, it's a secure message, everything looks good, it's got the chase logo, everything looks right, and it wants me to follow this online updater. Now when you click on that updater, you're going to see that the dot-com is not from Chase, that's your first clue that this is not legitimate.

One thing is to check the tag the link that they want you to reply to, another thing you can just go up to the chase online, all of your emails have a from message up here, once you click on them and just click on the caret, there is nowhere in there, that says chase.

Here's an email that I got from fender, this is a legitimate email, and if you go up click you'll see, looks good, and if you go to reply to theirs fender duck at, and if you were to go anywhere on here, and on the Macintosh you right-click on a PC, I believe it's left click, and copy the link and then go to your text editor, paste it in, you will see, and on the email that I got nothing was, all the addresses were all different, nothing was standard and nothing said chase.

Those are really good things to look for if this was legitimate, it would say something like customer service or do not reply, and then it would say at, but this is not in a typical thing, for hackers is to use unsuspecting students addresses because they don't usually check them that often, so this is definitely not a legitimate message, and you can even go down and check the reply to, just highlight it.

Now you have to click on your email to get to these your reply to, you'll highlight it and click on the carrot, and I mean nowhere in there says chase, all the @ should all be or whatever business. If it was from your bank it would be your bank, clicking on this reply to it'll show you the address and usually, these are bogus addresses. If this is not the company that sent you this email it usually means it's a bogus email, so that's another indicator, and this is not coming from the chase, don't reply to these.

If you're in doubt about it and this looks pretty legitimate, it says to follow the secure URL to learn more and just out of curiosity, let's see what it does, and this is because I have McAfee warning on mine, but if you don't have any kind of virus protection on your Windows computer you're just waiting for a catastrophe, so I can look at the details and you can go ahead and visit which I would never do. I'm going to close the page out because it's not something I want to pursue.

Another thing that I've done in the past that is not a wise thing, I'll reply to these and say asshole nice, try even when you do that you're giving them your legitimate email, so you have to be very careful, and even on my emails when someone sends me an email and it's got a forward too, I won't open it and especially on Windows.

It's just not a good idea, here I was hacked with my Windows computer and you can see it took everyone in my address book and sent them a message asking them to reply and verify information, but fortunately, they noticed it was from me, so they were asking to verify information. For Dropbox don't do it, I mean anytime you get a strange request from someone don't do it, be really careful, usually companies that you deal with they're not going to be asking for information, they used to ask you to go online and look at their website. But you even have to watch that, now I mean I was shocked at this email.

I thought I'd let everyone see what happened and kind of make everyone else aware so that it doesn't happen to you.